Our Facilities


Edgeroi Facility

Edgeroi is home to our Broadacre farming operation.

We built planters in Edgeroi until 1997 when we moved our manufacturing facility to Toowoomba.

Edgeroi today is our head office, home to our administrative team and much of our research and development work. Our Edgeroi facility also houses a spare parts warehouse for both our precision planting equipment and our freelance importing operations.


Toowoomba Facility

We moved our manufacturing facility to Toowoomba in 1997. This was done to provide us with a central geographic location in a recognised manufacturing hub.

With close proximity to manufacturing resources and its location at the hub of many transport routesToowoomba is an ideal manufacturing location.

Our Toowoomba facility also incorporates a spare parts warehouse for our  precision  planting equipment.

Plans are in place for a dramatic expansion of our Toowoomba facility as we accomodate the increase in demand for our equipment we have seen in recent years.